Live Video Collaboration II

This week, Thursday night, Norse Hall, I got to do another experiment! Live video feed of dancers was projected on top of existing footage of early tango films as well as hand-drawn illustrations of Buenos Aires. Various color and transparency distortions were manually introduced throughout the projections by my collaborator Joey Wells while I was in charge of moving the camera. The result turned out to be very interesting and gave me many new ideas! I loved the idea of redefining the notion of "performance." The projection was displayed on the stage but the actual source of the performance was the audience. The internalized, intimate content of social dancing was then elevated and aestheticized. The second aspect that I really enjoyed was interacting with people through a digital means. The camera became a method of connecting and creating as some people "performed" an action once they were aware of their image being projected. The projected images themselves were beautiful and surprising. Sometimes the footage of the old film and the live feed seamlessly became one shot, other times a specific shot of film would perfectly match the music. Over time, the experience was that of a visual/digital orchestra with everyone participating in creating something unique for that moment. I hope to be able to do more of that!

Great thanks to: Joey Wells (projection), Catherine Ross (video editing), Anna Wills (illustration)