Drawing Near To The End

I remember sitting with a friend a year ago, talking about my upcoming residency in Buenos Aires. I remember the particular feeling of excitement and dread as I said that I really didn't know who I was going to be by the end of of this experience. At that point looking ahead into the future felt like staring into utter darkness. I did not and could not have any expectations. Here I am now, nearing the end of this adventure. With my exhibition less than two weeks away, I am overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude and wonder. Living in this city has been grueling physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is impossible to be fully comfortable, there is always something in the way. I don't sleep well or enough, I don't eat enough, it is too hot or too humid, the water tastes like chlorine, sometimes the food I buy is rotten, the air is polluted, smelling of exhaust, urine, dog shit, the bus has no air conditioning, the cars don't stop for pedestrians... And yet, I have been able to strike upon something within myself that survives all of this. I have never felt so liberated, creative, confident. I have had the most amazing inner experiences, have met amazing people, have transformed physically. I have been reshaped, remolded into someone I don't recognize, but somehow still familiar. The mysterious metamorphosis is reflected in my paintings and video which will be shown in the exhibition opening on March 5th. Here I am sharing one of the videos, of which I feel I am not really the author, but a witness of a complex, non-linear, co-creative process.