Group Instruction:

2-Day Workshop With Yelizaveta Nersesova

What does it mean "to dance to the music?" How is dancing to the melody different from dancing to the rhythm? How to communicate what we hear in the music to our partner? 

In this upcoming workshop we will focus on building a stronger connection between what we hear in the music and how we express what we feel from the music in our movement. 

FREE Introductory Talk
Wednesday, September 6th 7:30-8:30pm

2-Day Workshop
Sat-Sun, September 9-10, 2-6:30pm  (breaks included)

  • Learn how to recognize tango orchestras
  • Explore how to express the various styles of music in your own dance
  • Discover how to use the music to have a deeper connection with your partner


1720 NE Irving St. #41


*the fee is appreciated but not required, give what you can


Private Instruction:

Single 1 hr session: $80

Novice Membership: $300

Includes 5 1hr sessions to be used over 6 weeks, admission to one monthly weekend intensive, and social dance time at a local práctica.

Seasoned Membership: $350

Includes 5 1hr sessions to be used in 6 weeks, admission to one monthly workshop, and social dance time at two milongas.


Yelizaveta creates an environment of learning that invokes the Spirit of tango as experienced through the imagination and the senses. Participants are engaged not just as students, but as co-creators and fellow artists of the dance. What I learned about the essence of tango while working with Yelizaveta has made me a better dancer in tango and in life!
— Katie Roeda
Yelizaveta is so accessible and attentive to me as an evolving dancer, and yet brings a wealth of direct personal experience from a wider community. I loved being able to ask, after watching videos of different Argentinian dancers, what her own experience of following was like with them or their style.

The workshop build slowly, there was never a ‘shut down’ point where I felt overwhelmed. But the next day when I went out social dancing I received multiple compliments on how much I had improved.

By being playful, exploratory, mixing lead and follow and using multiple.learning styles, the.learning happened almost without me.realizing it was happening.
— Eugene Lewins